BanqIn Partners with Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo To Drive Greater Financial Inclusion.

BanqIn Furthers Its Commitment Towards Financial Inclusion In Philippines by Partnering with Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo.

Both BanqIn and Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo recognise the need for acceleration in serving the underbanked and unbanked in the Philippines, particularly in uncertain times such as these.

Signing an agreement earlier this month, BanqIn will provide its instant all-in-one digital platform solution to Filidian Bank to better reach, serve and drive further engagement for its customers. Speed and ease of access to rural communities, particularly in remote areas, are central to the development and growth for the community and for the country as a whole.

The role of technology towards this is critical. Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo Inc looks to stimulate the economic development and provide top value products and professional banking services to the community.

"I'm happy and feel that there is co-operation within the team. I feel really confident about the product from BanqIn and hoping for success in the implementation." Says Hiro Budhrani, President of Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo Inc.

BanqIn's Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Ragu Nandhan Senthil Kumar adds,

"In an interrupted world, the need to maintain a continued means of service remains important. We are delighted to partner with Filidian Bank in providing products that drive this cause."

BanqIn has been serving the Philippines market in providing inclusive development and in times of lockdowns, and social distancing, remotely implementing these services has been drawing greater focus. This partnership with Filidian Rural Banks deepens its commitment to meaningfully unlocking financial opportunities for the community in the Philippines.

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