BanqIn Enters Myanmar. Signs Agreement with Aung Naing Toe Microfinance.

13th April 2020

BanqIn and Aung Naing Toe Microfinance Co-operative Society are set to help scale their financial inclusion visions in Myanmar. Entering into an agreement last month, the two companies remain focused to serve the unbanked and underbanked communities in Myanmar.

“Even in challenging times of COVID-19, new possibilities can emerge,” remarks Ram Sharma, CEO of BanqIn. “These are difficult times, but it’s often at times like these when resilience, innovations and capability building plans take shape.”

Sugu Kanagasalam, business head of BanqIn adds, “In partnering with Aung Naing Toe Microfinance Co-operative Society we are looking forward to driving greater financial inclusion in Myanmar. This is our first partnership in here, and we see great synergies and a common vision.”

These sentiments of overcoming obstacles are reaffirmed by Hla Htay, Managing Director Aung Naing Toe Microfinance Co-operative Society,

“The COVID-19 epidemic may have created some stops, but with BanqIn’s Instant All in One Digital Banking Platform underway, now the work can continue with digital transformation. With the BanqIn’s system fully operational, our work at Aung Naing Toe Microfinance Co-operative Society can see new possibilities.”

Sales head of BanqIn, Prithvi Perumal points out “In keeping with Aung Naing Toe Microfinance Co-operative Society’s objective to move from paperless to digital, and growing and expanding with the same workforce, BanqIn works as the right catalyst in this transformation process.”

With two-thirds of the population in Myanmar having a mobile phone, just 10% have accessed digital services. BanqIn looks forward to being an integral part of the growing nature of the digital infrastructure in Myanmar.


An instant all-in-one financial inclusion platform for microfinance institutions, credit unions, rural and thrift banks to reach the billions around the world who remain unbanked. BanqIn is committed to empowering financial institutions with the most cost-efficient, accessible and comprehensive banking platform. BanqIn reduces risks, increases productivity and extends reach to meaningfully serve and unlock the financial opportunities for its customers.

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